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Every Ling Tanya Ling documents the work of Tanya Ling from the late 1980s when she graduated from St. Martin’s School of Art (CSM), London until her solo show, ‘Let it come to me’ at Harper’s, East Hampton, New York in 2021.

Images of artwork and ephemera from every period and place are juxtaposed throughout, inviting the reader to make connections and join the dots between works created on a journey that has traversed the fashion and art worlds.

Tear sheets, invitation cards and announcements, fashion drawings, photos from shows and of installations, articles, features, commissioned works, sculptures, assemblage, paintings, prints and screen grabs from her Instagram feed are punctuated by three sections dedicated to her celebrated series of Line Paintings and a fourth section that feature Constellation Paintings shown with Harper’s last year.

The book offers a deep dive into the artist’s oeuvre and her backstory; detailing a career of creative enterprise that Tanya began as a married St Martin’s graduate with baby in Paris before becoming a designer, gallerist, illustrator and artist.

Writer and curator Andrew Renton has contributed an essay to the book, titled ‘Faith in Motion: Tanya Ling and her Line’ that explores the relationship between Tanya’s work, the eternal and infinite.

Clothbound foiled hardcover 
24 x 17 cm
312 pp
215 illustrations (179 colour)

Essay by Andrew Renton
Design by Studio Kunze
Published by Bipasha Ghosh Ltd

First edition published in the 
United Kingdom in 2022
ISBN: 978-1-3999-3073-4

FIG Ref: 100